What is Robotics

What is Robotics? Best field of computer science in 2021!

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What is Robotics? Learning Curve for robotics in 2021 !

Do you have doubts regarding what is robotics? What are different types of robots? What are applications of robotics? And why should you learn robotics?

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In this post we will provide you with a detailed explanation on what is a robot and what is robotics also applications of robotics and why you should learn robotics.

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What is Robotics?

what is robotics

What is a robot?

Any operating machine which is executing a certain task to reduce human effort or to replace humans can be referred to as a robot.

Robots were made to do tasks that humans do not prefer to do. Robots can also execute tasks that may be dangerous for humans like exploration in extreme environmental conditions, space exploration, etc.

Many people after hearing the term ‘robot’ will picture a human appearing machine that talks, walks and does tasks like a human. Somewhat like the image displayed below.

But, this is definitely not the case as robots can differ in appearance than humans. Its design is decided according to the task the robot has to operate.

The humanoid robots are a specific type of robots that are specially made to resemble humans face, expressions, voice and other abilities.

What is robotics?

Robotics is a branch of science and engineering that specializes in building and operating robots.

Robotics is designing, construction of operating robots to reduce human efforts for doing certain tasks.

 A robotics consists of two parts that is hardware and software

Hardware is the appearing body of a robot consisting of motors, processors, cameras, sensors and other mechanical and computing parts

Software is the part that makes a machine work according to a given set of instructions. Software consists of computer programming

When hardware and software come together we get a perfect robot that can do particular tasks according to its program.

Pre-programmed Robots :

what is robotics

Pre-programmed robots are the ones that are previously programmed to execute a particular task.

They cannot change their way to do work; they only execute the task as the programmer has specified the set of instructions.

These types of robots are used in various sectors like industrial and medical sectors.

Robotic arms are one of the examples of pre-programmed robot. They are used for its fast, accurate, efficient and heavy lifting ability.

Here is an amazing video where you can see robotic arms in application.

Refer this video for pre-programmed robots:

Humanoid robots :

what is robotics

A Humanoid robot is a robot that is specially made to mimic human behaviors like motion, expressions, voice, interaction, structure, etc.

Humanoid robots are used in various research and scientific fields to get better understanding towards humans.

In future, they can even surpass human capabilities by applying artificial intelligence.

If you have doubts like what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

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Here is a video where you can see one of the most advanced humanoid robots interacting with famous Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Autonomous robots :

what is robotics

Autonomous robots are intelligent machines that are capable of performing a particular task. It is considered to be a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.

There is a wide range of applications of Autonomous robots from autonomous helicopters to vacuum robots.

Here is a great video where you can see an autonomous robot at work.

Tele-operated robots :

what is robotics

Tele-operated robots are the ones which are operated remotely usually by a human operator or may have some sort of Artificial Intelligence application in it.

These robots need operators that can help the robot to perform a given task.

Tele-operated robotic arms combined with Artificial Intelligence helps in making prosthetic arms and legs.

Here is an amazing video that shows Tele-operated robots in application and their benefits.

Augmenting robots :

what is robotics

Augmenting robots are generally made to enhance human capabilities that are already present in that human or to use as prosthetics (in the medical field).

In certain critical situations, if a person loses his/hers limbs, those body parts are replaced by a mechanical part that can work similar to a human limb is known as prosthetics.

Prosthetics is a widely researched field in the medical industry with a huge demand. Perfectly functional prosthetic arms/legs are yet to be attained.

Here is an example of an augmenting robot being used as a prosthetic arm.

Applications of Robotics

1. Manufacturing

Robots have a very important role in industries for manufacturing various different products.

Many industries prefer using robots in various phases of manufacturing to enhance accuracy, efficiency and speed. Using robots also helps in reducing overall manufacturing cost for a product.

Humans aren’t capable of lifting too heavy a weight that is not a case in robots, Robots can be designed according to their task, and so if you need a machine that can lift heavy weights, engineers can build it for you.

Manufacturing a medicine takes very high precision with high sanitization; even a slightest mistake can cost someone’s life. To avoid such circumstances manufacturers use robots.

Here is a video, where you can see applications of robotics in an automobile company.

2. Medical and healthcare

Robotics appears in many medical and health care industries that are directly related to patient’s health and regular health care.

Robotics is used in monitoring a patient’s health in critical situations. These robots can serve time to time medicines and give alerts to consume those medicines.

Robotics is also used in surgeries as it takes high accuracy and precision, even a minute mistake can risk patient’s life.

Here is video of a robot that provides assistance in a hospital.

3. Home

Recently, Robots can be seen in all our homes that help and support us. The well-known autonomous vacuum cleaner named Roomba is an application of robots in home. Robots are also involved in cleaning pools and mowing grass.

Here is a video where you can see applications of robots at home.

Companies contributing in robotics

Japan is one of the top countries in robot manufacturing and research. Here are some of the top robotics manufacturing and research companies in the world.

what is robotics

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