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What is Mern Stack | Technology | Advantages in 2021

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What is Mern Stack? 

Mern Stack is a collection of frameworks, tools, and languages combined to develop a software product.

Some of the most popular technological stacks are LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

It is important to choose the right stack for your application to get the expected results. Selection of the right technological stack leads to optimum speed and highest performance.

In this article, we will try to understand what is Mern Stack, what are their features? So, Without any further ado let’s get straight to it.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express Js, and Node Js etc. It is a combination of all above technologies based on JavaScript, and can be used together to build an advanced web application. It comprises both front-end and back-end development programs i.e. can we say full stack development.

Technology is used in Mern Stack

1. Mongo DB

It is an open source cross-platform DBMS. MongoDB stores the data collection in document home instead of tables and rows, like as a relational database. This enables faster accessing of documentation within the application.

It stores the data in JSON form to get faster services between client and servers. Mongo DB is used to store large volumes of data which make it highly scalable.


2. Express JS

Express JS is a modular, lightweight, Open Source framework of Node JS. It is based on server side, backend, JavaScript that is designed to simplify web applications. It has been analyzed that Express JS is the topmost in the list of NodeJS for managing the server and its routes.


3. React JS

React JS open source JavaScript library used to build UI specially for single page applications. It enables the developers to modify, edit and view the webpages and avoid reloading time . It offers multiple reuse ability on other platforms that results in the fast and scalable output.


4. Node JS

An open-source platform based on a JavaScript runtime environment. It is designed to Randa JavaScript code outside the browser i.e. on the server-side. node JS accesses the NPM which hosts various numbers of private and public packages used to publish the projects. 


What are the advantages of MERN Stack?

While MongoDB allows scalability, Express JS comes with a fast speed enhancer, JavaScript which is the language from end to end development MERN is a combo pack of all development programs known as full-stack development.

On the other hand, react JS that comes with The best UI layer abstraction. It provides the best-in-class tools for faster code development. The vital specifications monster is that it allows the user easy learning concepts and implementation.

The ability of proper tutorials with suitable examples helps learners to be an expert in this field.

Why should start-ups hire MERN stack developers?

  • The entire web development from front end to backend comes under this.
  • Facilitates the MVC (Model View Controller ) to make the development process smooth and fast.
  • MERN stack developers have a strong command of JavaScript that is very important for a web development program.
  • It is an open-source platform which means that a start-up does not have to worry about licensing of the programs.
  • The framework comes with a preloaded extensive suite for testing tools.

Why do you start-ups prefer the Mern stack for development over Mean?

We have already gone through all the core components of the MERN stack. Each component has some of its unique features directly or indirectly affecting start-ups. Why man MERN stack development is preferred over mean? Let’s have a look at the points:

  • Great community- The reason behind a great community is JavaScript as it allows the user to the existence of resources related to MERN or its components.
  • Full-stack: It comprises a full-stack development environment that leads to an end to end development.
  • Bunch of talent available – In real life, MERN stack developer is popular in the computing field due to its JavaScript affiliation. So start-ups will find no problem finding the required talents for their project.

Top brands using MERN stacks

  • Ubereats – It uses the react framework to renovate its company dashboard to make it more appealing and engaging. It also improves the driver’s communication with food outlets.
  • Instagram- Instagram followers the same path Facebook does and enjoys all the benefits of react framework. this functionality allows the user to execute the post promote feature easily and helps you to achieve faster startup time and more enhancing UX.
  • Airbnb – Airbnb uses react functionality to create an incredible digital experience also extends the features for the best services in their app.



So this was all about MERN stack development, now you would be able to define MERN, its benefits that will help you to take start-up and enhances your skill to the next level. If any doubts and queries regarding MERN stack development please comment below in the specified space. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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