What is Machine learning?

What is Machine learning? Best field of computer science in 2021!!

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What is Machine learning? Best field of computer science in 2021!!

What is Machine Learning is and where is machine learning used is a query that many programmers face during their initial stage of programming therefore, here is a simple explanation of what is Machine learning in detail.

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In this article, we will break down some important points in Machine Learning along with some basics. Make sure you read the entire article and get benefits from it.

What is a Machine?


Machine is an assembled structure that comprises of various mechanical and digital components/parts.

A machine without any implementation of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning follows a set of instructions/steps to execute a particular operation.


What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence is the branch of science where machines/computers are programmed such that it can make proper decisions when encountered with certain problematic situation and solve the problem.

Here is an amazing article on Artificial Intelligence that you can refer to for more details.


What is Machine learning?

What is Machine learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science and information technology that machines/computers are programmed such that they can make a precise decision based on their previous experiences and collected data like a human brain.

It is considered to be the part of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning consists of computer algorithms that are used to automate operations to make it more compatible for use.


What is Machine Learning used for?


Machine Learning algorithms are used for a vast range of applications like search engine optimization; detect scams, website recommendations, sorting data, and many more.

Voice assistants are one of the popular examples of Machine learning in action.

Here are some of the applications of Machine learning.

  1. Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the field of computer science that deals with translation of speech into textual format.

Speech Recognition is the basic and important job of a voice assistant system.

When a sentence is conveyed to a computer system the speech is recorded into an audio file, this file goes through several processes based on its past experiences and information gathering, and thus a considerable outcome is displayed.

  1. Image Recognition

Image Recognition is an important feature of Machine learning that is used for security reasons.

Image recognition can be used for identifying a person through machine learning

  1. Prediction

Machine learning is used for business analytics to make future predictions for the company.

The big data from customers and based on experience machine learning systems processes and provides a valid output that is most likely to happen.

  1. Medical Diagnosis

Medical Diagnosis is a sensitive field that can only be practiced by professionals and well experienced surgeons.

To avoid any accidents that can be fatal to patient, machines are trained to reduce the ricks and accidents.


What is a Machine Learning Model?

What is a Machine Learning Model?

A Machine Learning model is a document that is trained to recognize patterns. A programmer trains a model over a set of data, providing it an algorithm that is used to sort and learn those data.

Machine Learning models are classified on the following bases,

Supervised learning

1. Regression Model

    • Liner Regression
    • Decision Tree
    • Random Forests
    • Neural Network

2. Classification

    • Logistic Regression
    • Support Vector Machine
    • Naive Bayes
    • Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural Network

Unsupervised learning

  1. Clustering
  2. Dimensionality Reduction


Books and Courses for machine learning


If you are a beginner and searching for a book that you can refer for your machine learning career then we highly recommend you to read this book.

This is an amazing book for mastering Machine Learning basics and advanced applications.

It teaches some of the latest and highly preferred Python libraries like TensorFlow and Keras, it also provides some deep learning concepts.


Course link:


This is an amazing complete certified Machine Learning course with documentation for beginners and intermediate learners.

This course teaches every Machine Learning details that must be cleared for a ML programmer.


Scope for machine learning developer


In this age of technology and innovation, Machine Learning plays an important role in automation and various important fields.

ML has gain lot of attention these years due to its amazing applications in some cool technologies like Voice Assistants and Robotics.

ML plays a very important role in Industrial revolution 4.0 for automation and cooperation in machines and humans. Programmers who have mastered the skill of Machine Learning are in high demand with a great salary to offer.

Most of the multi-national companies have a wide range of applications for machine learning thus providing opportunities for a programmer.

Here are some top companies that offer high wages for a Machine Learning Programmer represented in a picture.

Scope for machine learning developer

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