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What is Design Thinking ? Attention seeker in 2021 !

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What is Design Thinking ?

Are you thinking of starting web design and want to get on overall overview of it.

Don’t worry this is the right place where you can get all your designing problem’s solutions.

Designing a good product is a fairly complex process but by executing it step by step makes it more simple and efficient to proceed with.

Web Design consists of several steps and each product has to undergo these steps.


Following are some steps included  in making of a product :

  1. Research of that area  where the product belongs to.
  2. Understanding the needs of the users.
  3. Designing the (UI) User Interface accordingly.

And similarly as the above steps are important in designing a product Design Thinking also plays a vital role in development of the final product.

So in this article we will try to understand and get the Design Thinking concepts clear.

What is Design Thinking ?


what is design thinking

Design thinking is a process or a part of web designing where a web designer brainstorms and tries to solve the problem with the set of tools in a creative way and while,

Performing this task he also takes care that it should be correct and definitive from the users perspective.


Design Thinking focuses on the human centered side of creative problem solving.

Design thinking is also called as solving a problem from human centered approach.


There are 5 main steps in design thinking for coming up with great final product :

  1. Empathize.
  2. Define.
  3. Ideate.
  4. Prototype.
  5. Test.
1. Empathize:


Empathize is a process or a part where the designer basically puts him in the shoes of a user and tries to understand things from that perspective.

In this process he may encounter some questions that should be taken into consideration.

  • Who we are making this for ?
  • What is their problem ?
  • What de these people do ?
2. Define :


Defining is the next step of design thinking after empathizing.

In this stage of thinking a designer tries to break the problem into small chunks and then tries to find solutions with a creative approach.

This makes the smallest details get resolved making the User Experience more smooth and efficient.

In this stage a designer tries to find solutions to the following questions :

  • What are the user needs ?
  • What are their challenges ?
  • What are the insights we can use ? 

 3. Ideate :


This is the step where a designer comes with solutions to small problems created in the defining stage.

In ideation a designer tries to match solutions to the insights created in the previous steps.

In this stage ideally a designer should come up with following points:

  • Solutions to the challenges faced.
  • Ideas.
  • Potential matches.

Ideation is a stage where different ideas and opinions are pitches and the best from those or a best combination of those ideas are selected.

4. Prototype :


In this phase the designer collects all the ideas and the solutions pitched in the ideation stage and tries to mold into a small and simple model called as prototype.

This prototype in then used as a review unit to take down the bugs and mistakes made and make changes in the final product.

Here a designer comes up with multiple templates and pages of the single product to be reviewed by the users.


Prototyping is a stage where a designer comes up with :

  • Simple Models.
  • StoryBoards.
  • MockUps.
5. Test :


This is the last step of design thinking where the prototypes of the products might be tested for several conditions and from those outcomes a final prototype or a fairly good idea of a final product is produced.

If a prototype fails to fulfill the given conditions the web designer has go through defining stage again and try to come up with the new customized prototypes skipping the bugs and mistakes from the following one.


Where it is exactly used ?

Design thinking is a multifield skill. It can be used in many fields where product designing is done.

Following are some of the sectors where design thinking can be implemented :

  • In web designing for development  of the Websites as a final product.
  • In app designing for development of Apps as a final products.
  • In making of many physical products where a service is provided with the help of products such as :
    • Automobile designing.
    • Electronics components designing etc.

Scope of Design Thinking :

As the whole world is moving in digital revolution and many products and business are going online design thinking has gained a lot of attention since the last decade.

As design thinking is used in many sectors it has many chances of creation of good amount of business and jobs.

A design thinker many go with the following skills as a boost to his existing skills and grow his demand :

  • Web designing.
  • UI/UX designing.
  • Frontend Development.

Conclusion :

Design Thinking is used as a creative aspect in the development of the product and the demand will keep on growing in the future as the number of new products will keep on growing in the market.

Design thinking is a multi sector field and can be used as a fulltime job seeker skill but with revelent skills and potential.

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