What is Computer Engineering?

What is Computer Engineering? | Definition, importance, applications, books and courses, salary, with 10 best fields of Computer Engineering in 2021

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What is Computer Engineering?

In this modern world, usage of computers has increased exponentially at such a rate that we can see computer applications everywhere surrounding us. To create, operate and control this application is a basic job of a computer engineer.

Computer engineering is the term that is shortly referred to computer science and engineering

Computer engineering is one of the most preferred and sighed courses by the students in the engineering field.

In this post we will solve various doubts regarding what is computer engineering, As well as fields in computer engineering and their importance and applications.

This post will also provide some amazing books and courses to start with your computer engineering career and includes information on jobs and salary of a computer engineer.

What is Computer Engineering ?

What is computer engineering?


Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a branch of engineering which is a combination of various fields including computer science and electronic engineering. It used to develop computer hardware and software.

A computer engineer integrates their knowledge on computer hardware and software to create amazing gadgets like smartphones and computers.

A computer engineer is involved in every computer aspect like websites, operating systems, microprocessors, sensors, and many more.

Fields in computer engineering with their importance

Fields in computer engineering with their importance

It is a very vast branch with never ending applications; therefore computer science is divided into two parts hardware and software. Hardware and software are further divided into various sub-fields according to their application.

Here are some of the fields in computer science, explained with importance and its applications.

   Computer Software Engineering :

    1. Web development
    2. Data science
    3. Artificial intelligence
    4. Cyber security
    5. Communications and networks
    6. Game development
    7. Robotics
1. Web development:

Creation of a website and its maintenance is one of the simplest definitions of web development.

Web development consists of creation of webpages by writing and styling content and combining these webpages to form a complete website.

Web development is divided into two parts: front-end and back-end web development.

If you are planning on learning web development and searching for best courses in web development then make sure you visit the following article and start your web development career.

Leading Companies:

Leading Companies

Courses for Web Development:

Here is an articles that is related to courses in web development.

Best Courses In Web Development in 2021

2. Data Science :

Data science is defined as the process of obtaining valuable insights and stats from structured and unstructured data by using various tools and techniques; this data is further processed for relevant data visualization.

Data science is a field of computer science and information technology that has to deal with managing, processing of big data and operating data.

Here is an amazing article on what is data science in detail? So make sure you visit this link :

What is Data Science ? Best Learning Skill in 2021 !

Leading Companies:

data science

Courses for data science:

Here is an amazing course for data science beginners. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science where machines/computers are programmed such that they can make proper decisions when encountered with certain problematic situations and solve the problem.

Currently AI is a very popular branch of computer science as it has many mind-blowing applications in the modern world like self-driving cars, humanoid robots, voice assistants etc.

Leading Companies:

Artificial Intelligence

Course for Artificial Intelligence:

YouTube offers many amazing course for free, here is a great course that we find interesting.

4. Cyber Security

Cyber security deals with securing computers, mobile phones, electronic devices and networks from cyber-attacks and information divulgence.

The aim of cyber-attacks is to access, change or leak personal information or to extract financial details. Therefore cyber security engineers protect our system from unauthorized access.

Leading Companies:

Cyber Security

Course for Cyber Security:

5. Game development

Game development is the art of game design and creation. These games are created by using computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and many more computer science skills.

C++ is considered to be the best programming language for Game development.

Leading Companies:

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Gameloft, Electronic Arts are some of the leading game development companies in the world.

Game development

Course for Game Development:

Here is an amazing course form FreeCodeCamp.com,

6. Robotics

Robotics is a branch of science and engineering that specializes in building and operating robots.

Robotics is designing, construction of operating robots to reduce human efforts for doing certain tasks.

Here is an article on what robotics is, with types of robots and its applications.

What is robotics?

Leading Companies:

Boston Dynamics and ABB are some of the leading companies in this field.


Course for Robotics:

  Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer Hardware Engineering

  1. Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing
  2. Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences
  3. Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
  4. Computer systems design and related services
1.  Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing

Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing involves manufacturing of electronic components that are used for building computer hardware systems.

These hardware systems that are manufactured are further assembled to form a complete computer device, smartphones and other electronic devices.

Leading Companies :

Some of the leading computer manufacturing companies are Apple, Dell Inc. and Lenovo.

Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing

2. Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences

This is an important field of computer hardware engineering that deals with advancements in electronic devices through research and development.

Most of the companies have their R&D departments to enhance the user experience and quality of product.

They sought to make human efforts minimal by adding computer science in different forms and constantly researching for adding new features to their products.

Leading Companies:

The companies like Amazon, Alphabet Inc. and Samsung electronics spent a large sum of money on research and development of their product.

Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences

3. Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing

Every electronic device is made from various electronic components like semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, etc.; these electronic components are assembled to form an operating device.

Therefore, manufacturing these essential components is done by computer hardware engineers.

There are many varieties in electronic components according to their application therefore there is no particular leading manufacturer of all electronic components.

Leading Companies :

The companies like Intel, Samsung and TSMC are some of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors.

Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing

4. Computer systems design and related services

Computer system design is an important field in computer manufacturing. Design of systems makes a computer look attractive and appealing.

Leading Companies :

Top companies in the field of Computer systems design and related services are Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell Inc…

Computer systems design and related services

Books and Courses for computer engineering

Books and Courses for computer engineering

Here are some of the books and courses for computer engineering that are mainly on software development and programming.

If you are wondering which programming language to learn, refer to this blog that will help you in selecting a suitable programming language.

If you want to start learning Web development, we have already posted an amazing article involving some of the best Web development courses online so make sure you visit the following article.

This article provides courses on programming languages that are useful for web development individually and also complete courses on web development.

Python programming language :

Python programming language :

Python is a high level and general purpose programming language. Python is a very popular programming language, used for various applications in computer science including Artificial Intelligence and data science.

Python Tutorial :

Book to refer :

C programming language :

C programming language :

C is one of the oldest programming language and is the root for many programming language like Java, JavaScript, C#. C forms a good foundation for a beginner. It is an easy language to debug, test and maintain.

C Tutorial :

Book to refer :

JavaScript programming language

JavaScript programming language

JavaScript is the most rapidly growing language than any other programming language.

JavaScript is a language that can be used in frontend development and backend development as well. JavaScript is mainly used for interaction between the web app and the user.

JavaScript Tutorial :

Book to refer :

Java programming language

Java programming language

Java was created by James Gosling in 1991. It is the most in demand language till date. Java is a high level, robust, object-oriented and secure programming language.

Java is known for providing the most jobs in the IT industry. Java has the largest backend community trying to develop huge libraries and frameworks.

Java Tutorial :

Book to refer :

Opportunities in computer engineering

Opportunities in computer engineering

In this modern world, there are many career opportunities available for students studying Computer engineering.

Every industry is increasing their dependence on computers to enhance quality of products and services, therefore A computer engineer plays an important role in operating these systems.

Computer engineering is a very vast field consisting of various subfields. A computer engineer has a huge variety of job roles to select from.


Here are some of the major job roles for a Computer engineer,

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Web developer
  3. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineer
  4. Business analyst
  5. Software engineer
  6. Research and development (R&D) scientist

There are always freelancing opportunities for a skilled computer programmer.

Job roles and salary for Computer Engineer :

Computer Engineering is one of the best career options in this decade due to its increasing applications in various sectors.

A highly skilled Computer Engineer earns far more than an average salary. So make sure you put all your efforts in perfecting your skills and apply that knowledge by making unique projects.

Job roles and salary for Computer Engineer

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