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Top 10 Best WordPress Plug in with features

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Top 10 Best WordPress  Plug in with Features

After you get the knowledge of building a WordPress website, the Best way to grow your WordPress website without spending tons of stress is WordPress Plug in.

A good WordPress plug in can boost the success of your business through blogging. WordPress is stuffed with 55,000+ plug-ins. so we are here to summarise the top WordPress plug in that you must have if you want to grow your word press website.

Best WordPress plug in

1) Monster Insights

It gives the easiest need to link your website to a google analytics account. It helps to see the user how the site visitors get to know about your website and what activity they do there. This can help you to keep your eyes on the visitors that come to your site.


  • It allows the owner to see real-time stats in the right dashboard what’s your WordPress site.
  • You can get accurate data accounts even when site visitors switch from a mobile device to a desktop.
  • It allows you to track eCommerce steps, advertisement efforts, and traffic sources which lets you see your conversion rate and instruments to grow your business online.

2) WPForms Lite

One of the most likely WordPress plug in is WPForms lite. It comes with tons of ways to help reduce abandonment. 


  • It comes with drag-and-drop functionality so you can easily create contact forms for your site.
  • Various built-in templates come with this plug-in, which helps to customize your form as you see fit.
  • It provides one of the fastest services to the user and is easy to respond to, mobile-friendly, and is optimized for SEO.
  • To grow your newsletter and email list with the most popular marketing services WPForms lite.

3) Seed Prod

It is one of the most powerful word press plug in that makes breeze design and customizes your website landing pages. It is the top-rated plug-in on word press.


  • It boosts the conversion rates of landing pages.
  • It is easy to use and makes building the pages of your website extremely simple, especially for beginners.
  • Ranking on the search engines with awesome coming soon page and maintenance mode features.
  • Connectivity to other WordPress plug-ins and maintaining your landing pages is easy and successful through this platform.

4) Optinmonster

For the best lead generation of Optinmonster is considered to be a more efficient plug-in as compared to all other plug-ins. it’s just for small businesses, bloggers, and any website holders.


  • Convert the site visit us into email subscribers.
  • It helps to generate more leads by making campaigns based on visitors’ locations.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality helps to make visually stunning looks in just a few clicks.

5) Rafflepress

A fantastic way to give a plug-in to your website is Rafflepress. what is sector consider raffles press has given an amazing way to giveaway plug-in.


  • This interface is advanced and can be used simply by using a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Security is quite low in this word press plug-in.
  • Strong link to all popular social media that enables viral sharing.
  • It comes with tons of email marketing services, so it’s good to use.

6) MemberPress

Best WordPress plug in to use if you’re on your membership site then you can make extra cash from recurring sales. it has the features that access the specific content on your site only to paying members.


  • Payment gateways of this plug-in are much easier as compared to other plug-ins.
  • To install this plug-in you just need to start your word WordPress and configure it followed by installation of the plug-in.
  • In the course builder section, you can add courses, easily create, manage and sell it online.
  • It permits the launch of an affiliate program and encourages it while rewarding your network of die-hard fans.

7) Smash Balloon

It is an exciting compilation of multiple plug-ins that manage different social media platforms. It is rated as 4.9 on one million websites.


  • It is easy to control feeds for social media platforms.
  • Can be customized into beautiful feet to look exactly what users like to see.
  • Great response on all devices to increase social engagement between audience and owner.
  • Customer support is super fast and eco-friendly.

8) Push Engage

Wonderful plug-in that helps to increase sales through browser push notifications. It can be easily personalized especially for instant notifications that go out to users and then back to your site even if the user is working on a different site.


  • Locks all the unwanted notifications.
  • The geo-tracking feature helps the user with how campaigns are doing.
  • Notifications are reached to owners of websites that how customers customize the sites.

9) TrustPulse

It provides leverage like FOMO to drive more convergence and sales on the website through social proof. Social brew includes Society College girl and she’s a social phenomenon where people rely on the feedback and actions of what other people decide to do. 


  • WordPress FOMO can be built to use social proof in an easy manner that converts visitors into their subscribers.
  • Easy to customize things like color, message, images.
  • It provides a feature of tracking live activity that shows how many people took action on your side during a specific time.

10) LiveChat

One of the best live chat tools is there for maintaining a good connection with customers.


  • Very much eco-friendly with mobile devices, laptops, tablets.
  • It helps to find a user team through the evaluation of the survey before and after the chat session.
  • It comes with tons of other tools including email marketing services and other marketing regulation software.
  • It has a lightning-fast loading time to give a wonderful experience to the user.


These were some of the best word press plug in that you must know about. If you want to grow your website, I hope these plug-ins will help you in your implementation part.

If you are still left with some queries and doubts please let me know in the comment section mentioned below. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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