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Best 6 Online JavaScript Editors in 2021. Here is a list of the highest-rated editors in JavaScript by Developer’s Community.

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Top 6 Online JavaScript Editors

JavaScript is one of the highly rated programming language by the developer community. This is due to is simple and easy syntax, less execution time and some unique features like secure and dynamic and robust make JavaScript the most loved languages by developers.


To get started with JavaScript here are the best courses for JavaScript for beginner and advanced level programmers :

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So to run JavaScript their are many IDEs and code editors. In this article we are going to discuss about the best online code editors for JavaScript.


What is Code Editor ?


What is Code Editor


Code Editors are lightweight and simple applications that enables programmers to write the code.

Code Editors are not suitable for developing large scale applications . Some of the code editors come up with basic features like:

  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Code Formatting.
  • Debugger.

Code editors are generally used for beginner and intermediate level programming.


Code editors are not IDEs is basically a Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a collection of different types of tools that helps developer to write and navigate through the code easily.


If you are searching for the best Code Editors or IDEs for Python here is the article that covers all the list in detail.

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Top 6 Online JavaScript Editors.

1. CodePen




Codepen is really great Code Editor for JavaScript. It helps programmers preview their JavaScript code run at the time of execution.

Codepen also has support for languages like HTML, CSS so development of frontend applications can be done using codepen. Codepen has a Premium Plans for developers aiming at developing advanced web applications.

Features :
  • Code van be previewed at the time of execution.
  • Codepen has a huge amount of resources and external libraries support.
  • Professor Mode it is generally used for teaching and only one member can edit the code.
  • Has inbuilt unique functions like :
    • Preprocessors.
    • Collaboration Mode.
    • Professor Mode .
    • Presentation Mode.
    • Emmet


Codepen has seamless integrations with tools like :

  • Nuclino.
  • XWiki.
  • Outline.
  • SlimWiki.
  • Archbee. 

Get started with Codepen :


Glance at the editor :


2. Koding




Koding is a cloud based IDE. Koding support many different types of programming languages. JavaScript is one of those languages that koding support.

Koding has clean and easy interface for programming. This editor is suitable for all types of projects from beginner level to advanced level team level projects . 

Similar to Codepen, Koding too offers the real time preview feature. It also has drag and drop simple interface for users.

Koding is free and has premium plans for advance features.

Features :
  • Has a inbuilt Debugger in it.
  • Supports git and github version controls.
  • Real-time collaboration with team members and inbuilt messaging feature.
  • Ability to sign-up with github.
  • Also supports code refactoring


Koding has integration with tools like :

  • Biicode


Get started with Koding :


Glance at the editor :


koding screenshot

3. CodeSandBox




CodeSandBox is a really neat and clean online code editor for JavaScript and many more programming languages. 

As Codepen is optimized for frontend development CodeSandBox is highly optimized for backend development. 

CodeSandBox helps developers to focus on the programming side as the small and easy tasks are automated in this code editor.

CodeSandBox can called as IDE for JavaScript with online support in it.

Features :
  • It is an open-source editor with unique and helpful functions for programming.
  • Has seamless support for React.js for more advance applications.
  • Testing, Debugging of code is easy as the efficient.
  • Applications can be deployed flawlessly with the help of ZEIT .
  • The projects built by using CodeSandBox can easily be shared using npm dependency.
  • CodeSanBox can host all the static files present in the local repository.


CodeSandBox has integrations with tools like :

  • GitHub.
  • React.js
  • JavaScript.


Get started with CodeSandBox :


Glace at the editor :


Codesandbox screenshot

4. JsFiddle 




JsFiddle is one the most popular code editors for one programming. JsFiddle is just a perfect tools for developers searching for editor that can handle both frontend and backend functionalities of a web based application .

JsFiddle supports variety of languages such as JavaScript, TypeSrcipt, CoffeeScript, Vue and many more.

JsFiddle support the live preview feature that makes it more easy and appealing to use for frontend development.

JsFiddle is a editor that works with JavaScript Frameworks like React.js and Vue.js seamlessly.


Features :

  • Provided with Live Code Collaboration that helps developers to work on a same project easily.
  • Creating a dummy AJAX is possible in JsFiddle.
  • JSFiddle supports 30 + JavaScript libraries .
  • Addition of external or local directories is easy and simple.
  • Has a documentation for support and help when needed.
  • SCSS is used as a pre-processor for CSS.
  • The User Interface is easy so managing and navigating  the blocks of code is easy and simple.


JSFiddle has integrations with tools like :

  • React.
  • SASS.
  • PostCSS.
  • Preact.
  • Stylelint .
  • XWiki.

Get started with JsFiddle :


Glance at the editor :


Jsfiddle screenshot

5. PlayCode




PlayCode is simple and basic code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PlayCode is generally used for basic and intermediate level frontend development.

Due to its simplified environment its best for beginner level programmers.

Saving and importing of files is easy and efficient in this editor.

PlayCode colored theme that helps beginner programmers in navigating the code and completing the syntax.


Features :

  • Has a debugger that helps in detecting the errors in real-time.
  • Has support of JavaScript libraries such as React.js and react-dom.js .
  • PlayCode has three window layout that helps in switching between.
  • Feature of Auto-completion is available.
  • Has basic features like code testing, syntax checking and code beautification.
  • Auto formatting of code is available .


CodePlay has integrations with :

  • React.js
  • react-dom.js


Get started with CodePlay :


Glance at the editor :


palycode screenshot

6. is clean, intuitive and widely used code editor. It is mainly used for Python programming but it also supports JavaScript to run its code.

There are huge amount of packages that helps in smoothing the programming experience.  It is highly customizable in terms of fonts, themes and indentation size. has a pro plan that has more features that are helpful for developers. is used by many companies such as MIT, FaceBook and Google. 


Features :

  • Less complicated and clean interface.
  • Highly customizable and interactive.
  • Version is made available for files for easier navigation.
  • Sharing the projects is possible with the help of  embedding link, normal link, integration with community.
  • Also supports many frameworks for more functionality. has integrations with :

  • Haskell.
  • Kotlin .
  • Dart.
  • Reason NodeJs.
  • Java Swing.
  • Unlambda and many more.


Get started with :


Glance at the editor : Screenshot


Some Offline Code Editor and IDEs for JavaScript :

Code Editors and IDEs  for JavaScript :
  1. Visual Studio Code .
  2. Atom .
  3. Sublime Text .
  4. Light Table.
  5. NetBeans.
  6. Intellij IDEA

Conclusion :

It entirely depends on the following factors :


The programming level of the programmer :

Beginner level :

If the individual is a beginner then he can go with the code editors like Codepen or SandBox as they have real-time preview and can be access at any time and any where.


Advanced level : 

If the programmer writes more complex and heavy programs it more ideal and more safe to go with IDEs like Atom, VS Code or Sublime as they are specifically built for high level and complex applications. 

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