JPG vs JPEG | Best in-depth explanation in 2022

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JPG vs JPEG | Best in-depth explanation in 2022

When you’re new to a blog post, searching for free stock images for your website, you probably noticed more than one file format type available.

There are lots of other options to consider like PNG files, GIFs, JPG, JPEG, PDF, and many more. One of the confusing questions for bloggers is what to decide or choose between various options.

We are here to discuss the similarities, differences between a JPG image and a JPEG image, so it will be easier to find what you need for your website.


What is JPEG?

Let’s introduce you to the JPEG format. Basically, it stands for three different things:

1) JPEG Lossy Compression

If any user uploads an image to their website, they will definitely try to balance and maintain the image quality and reduce side speed.

That image can be too big to take forever to load on the browser and can come from the experience on the site. However, the JPEG lossy compression process helps to keep the visual files small, so that they can load faster online.

2) Joint photographic experts group

JPEG stands for joint photographic experts group that referred to the name of the subcommittee responsible for building the JPEG image standard.

It was issued by ISO in 1992 and is responsible for creating documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines, or futuristic characters used to ensure that materials, products, services are fit for their purpose.

3) The JPEG file format

JPEG is used while referencing a file format name or a way to store and save digital images. It is the most common option used by digital cameras which supports tens of colors in total.

It also reduces the size of images while saving them, thanks to Lossy compression. it supports a maximum size of 65,535 *65,535 pixels which reduces the image size by about 50 to 70% when saved.
Now let’s talk about the GPG format.

What is JPG? 

The term JPG exists because of the earlier version of Windows OS. That’s right it’s precisely the same as the JPEG format that we described above.

Many of the older versions of the window do not fit this format. This issue didn’t exist in Mac and Linux systems but you had to stick with JPG on Windows.

Nowadays Windows operating systems accept file extensions like JPEG or JPG, but for saving images to those who have been using Windows for so long, JPG is good enough.

Similarities between these two images format

1) Both produce raster images

Images created by JPGs and JPEGs are raster.

The graphics reduced by these formats are a bit maps of images. A bitmap is a collection of individual pixels when combined together to create an entire image.

In other words, raster images are a collection of millions of tiny squares that are each coded in a specific shade which is put together to form a whole image that makes sense.

2) Both formats are used for the same picture types

As they are raster images and not vectors, both file formats can be used for digital photography. The photographs which are digital have extensive superficial color gradations that make the presence seamless when saved as raster JPG/JPEG images.

3) Both degrade some quality when saved

To make sense of the comparison method which is used on each file format – loss of the competition results in some loss of image quality.

In the end, JPEG and JPG are similar things that are used for main purposes to reduce the file size of pictures for better online presence and give people an easy layout when saved using a common file extension.


So we come to the conclusion that JPG and JPEG file formats have similar functionality. We hope you are now more clear about the similarities and little difference between JPG and JPEG file formats.

If you are still left with some doubts or queries please let me know in the comment section mentioned below. Moreover, if you know something more about these file formats please comment below in the provided area.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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