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Best Graphics Design courses in 2021

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In the era of the digital world, designing on any platform needs to be stunning. In this article we are here to share some best graphic designing courses. These courses and tutorials will help individuals who are concerned with their perfect skills, knowledge via graphics design courses.

What is graphic designing?

Graphics design means creating a content in the form of text and image to express the views to the viewer. We can also say it is a type of Visual Communication.

Learning this course will give you the best practical knowledge with perfect skills and a technique to solve visual problems on the specific platform . Without further any ado let’s get straight to it.

TOP 12 Graphics Designing Courses

  • Graphic design masterclass (UDEMY) 

UDEMY is considered to be a massive course provider on online platforms. This course offers sub minor classes in designing courses that will help the learner to find their passion in the specified part of the course. Learners can expand their toolset for designing , by learning the basics of photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.

Duration: 20 hours 

Course Link:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC (Skillshare)

It is another video-based online platform that offers graphic design learning. It is a fully beginner course that aims at teaching Image manipulation to create logos, Icon, postcards.

Hand to hand exercises are provided for a better understanding. This course is considered to be the best course for Illustrator skills and knowledge.

Duration: 10 hours 

Course Link:

  • Graphic design BOOTCamp

This is a most effective course that focuses on Adobe creative suite and helps in projects related to learning.This bootcamps aims to provide deep learning for the beginners.

For those who are looking to build their portfolio for freelance work and to improve their design skills . The Instructor, Derrick is well qualified and has experience of many years on designing.

  • Graphics design FUNDAMENTALS – Creative Live

creative live online platform offers a global community learning package for designers. These courses are cheap and affordable, taught by experienced mentor Timothy Samara.

He aims to teach the students hands-on design by working on elements of image, Colour theory, typography , Layout and composition. 73% of students recommend this course because of its simplicity.

Duration: 15 hours

  • The complete graphic design theory for beginners – Udemy

This course offer a detailed explanation and understanding of graphic design theory and concepts.

This course is preferred and reviewed by the professional designers, it is meant to improve designer knowledge. This course offers a modern teaching approach.

Duration: 7 hours

Course Link:

  • Design great stuff- How to make merch with draplin-SKILLSHARE: 

This class is taught by Aaron draplin. He teaches the students through the process of producing merchandise such as paints, hatches, hats and shirts. this course aims to teach the musician artists to promote their work by creating logos, icons etc

  • Fundamentals of Graphics Design-COURSERA

COURSERA is a widely known online platform. this course provides basic learning concepts for beginners with typography, image editing, creating icons and postcards etc. All the compositional skills for a designer are covered in this lesson. 

Reviewers also claimed that the class assignments on this course are very simple but beneficial for absolute beginners. If you belong to a beginner category you may soon enroll yourself ended in this outstanding course.

Duration: 15 hours.

  • Graphic design specialization– COURSERA

As it is quite clear by the name itself that this course belongs to intermediate learners. After complete study of the above mentioned course you must start with it.

Introduction to image making ideas from history or graphic design, typography will transform a learner to a Designer. However, this specialization course is not free but it is at affordable prices.

Furthermore, the California Institute of Arts also offers this course to their brand students. So, this is a very sophisticated program among the best online designing courses.

Duration: 6months 

  • Become a graphic designer(Path)- Linked in: 

LinkedIn is also here in online learning platform to provide graphic designing course at very reasonable and affordable monthly subscription. The content delivered by the instructor are associated with real-world experience, to get a mastery in designing you have to go through 11 classes with 30 hours of content.

It builds a strong foundation for the learner in the elements of designing a program. The content comes with a 30 day free trial offer for the newcomers.

  • Typography fundamentals- Creative Live:

The instructor of this course is Ilene Strizver. Discourse is very appreciative and teaches how to make different choices of typography for several design projects.

This course is for beginners who want to learn how typography is generally used to shape and convey meaning. By making the concepts clear regarding typography will help the learners to communicate and make the content readable easily.

Duration:6 hours

  • Free graphic designing courses- CANVA: 

Canva is the best known online digital platform that allows the users to create various types of visual content. It offers a free graphic designing course that includes both video content as well as PDFs.

The best part of this course is working with canva platform will be easier for the learners who do simple design work. 

Duration: 1Hour

  • Graphic design courses- Alison 

It is created and facilitated by feel experts and professionals. They offer various graphic designing courses for beginners. The first course comprises introduction of typography layout, creating images etc. This course is recommended by many professionals and reviewers as it is the best and paid graphic designing course. 

Duration: 4 hours.


These are some of the best designing courses that you can find on online platforms. Mentioned above courses include the learning from beginner to end professional.

According to your choice you may go through the links associated with the course and watch it out. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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