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Front-end development in 2021 | Best Tools | Importance

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Front-End development in 2021 | Best Tools | Importance

All the readers who have some interest in the computing world must be aware of the web development programs, surfing the internet for things you need to know about is the outer look of it. So, We are here to develop a basic understanding of how these websites are created.

Front-End development plays an very imprtant part in Web development. So in this article we will discuss Front-End development in-depth.

What is front-end development?

Everything you see and interact with on the website using a browser is front-end. Development of the visible part of a webpage is known as front-end development, you could even say that designers who create user interfaces and manage the website elements are called front-end developers.

The basic toolset for front-end development is defined as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To deep dive and acquire more web development skills you may go through our previous article.

Here are some of the tools involved in Front-end development.

Best Tools for Front-End development


The hypertext markup language is designed to create websites that later on can be explored by anybody who accesses the internet. HTML gives a basic structure to a web page defining elements such as headlines, images, video paragraphs, and other media.
Here’s an example how HTML works:

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <h1> My First Heading </h1>
        <p> My First Paragragh </p>

2. CSS

It focuses on how HTML elements are supposed to be presented on the website in terms of design, layout, and graphics, etc.
Here’s an example how it works:

p {

P – paragraph is a selector, (font-size:24px; color:blue) is a declaration , font size and color are the properties.
NOTE: A CSS framework is a collection of default CSS and HTML files. It adds more functionality to front-end developers for website designing. These are considered to be a good choice to build a responsive design and symmetric layouts.

3. Chrome Dev tools

It is a mostly used tool for web development that permits or allows the developer to edit web pages directly from the browser and recover is the problem rapidly to build websites. by using chrome Dave tools one can easily edit their HTML & CSS code in a real-time situation.

One of the additional advantages of using this tool is a timeline that helps to recognize the runtime performance problems, the ‘device mode’ that checks out the responsiveness of the website, the ‘source panel’ which can be used to debug the JavaScript, and many more.

4. Angular JS

A developer must have heard the name of angular JS. Let us tell you about angular JS, it is an open source front-end web framework. it helps you to extend static HTML to a dynamic HTML that really makes it more convenient to create dynamic and rich websites.

It permits you to create client side applications using JavaScript with the help of MVC(model – view – controller). It comes up with some additional enriching features such as reusable components, directives, data binding, controller, and many others.

In terms of community support – angular JS will surely impress you as it is preferred by a huge number of developers across the world.

5. TypeScript

Typescript is a worthy tool for front-end development. It is a language that is actually a Superset of JavaScript programming language.

Though, it comes up with various additional features as compared to JavaScript some additional features are as follows: better documentation for APIs, more structured and concise, uphold the interfaces, better tooling support and much more.

As JavaScript is a subset of typescript all the libraries JavaScript can be used in typescript code.

6. Grunt

Grant is the most recommended tool for front-end development. Repeat active tasks such as compilation, unit testing, linting and various tasks to enhance efficiency and productivity are done by the tool Grunt. it comes up with various pre-configured plug-ins for task automation.

Why the front-end development is important?

It’s the digital presentation of a company, or an individual, or an organization. It builds a connection between a client and the brand. It is important to create a lasting first impression and attract the public. Hence, look at some of the points why the front end is important.

  • Drive performance- Pages with faster loading speed results in visitor engagement amplification and further boosting sales.Thus optimised performance even as one of the benefits of front end development.
  • Optimise navigation – navigation ensures what the visitor can find what they want to seek from your site. It comprises a structured, clean, well-planned site layout along with easy access to the content. This combination will allow the visitors or traffic with a fast walk around. Further it will help to gain the trust of customers.
  • Build your brand – The most important and valuable sector of any organisation, enterprise or company. The trademarks and the symbols later created using various frameworks and languages are some of the essential branding elements.

How to become a Front-end developer

One common option to become a front-end engineer or a developer is to get a well-certified degree. Well, that sounds good and fits someone, but some individuals believe in practical knowledge rather than a certified degree.
The one with the second option has to start the learning by taking relevant courses. You must start with some basic programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For your ease we recommend you to check out our article links one study bear for a full basic tutorial.

What is web design? Is it worth it in 2021? Considered as the best field in Web Development?

This article will surely help you to clear all your basics about HTML & CSS.


We saw the basic concepts of front-end development, how it works, what are the elements in it, why it is important, and many more things.

I hope you will be able to stand in a community to answer all the questions regarding any of the content. Still, having doubts and queries please let me know in the comment section team will reach you there ASAP.

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