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Best Ethical Hacking certifications for your IT career in 2021

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Best Ethical Hacking Certifications for your IT career in 2021

Vast development in the IT sector, hackers are considered to be an integral part of it. It is very usual to hear about computer security disturbances and the problems generated due to them from time to time.

These hackers are the main cause of destructive problems Leeds to the difficulties for the users to use the internet safely. But we are sure that you must have heard about ethical hackers!

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

Well in the category of hackers the good guys that perform hacking are known as ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are ones who hacked into the computer system or network to evaluate its security rather than with the intention of maliciousness or for a criminal act.

A professional name is given to them known as White hat hackers Who use hacking techniques without harming the personal aspects of an individual and they do it lawfully.

What are the main aspects of being an ethical hacker?

  • They are in action to do regular checking the batch settings and ensure that all the installations in a particular system cannot be misused.
  • They bypass and hack wireless encryption and in case anyone hijacks the web application and web servers they hack into their system.
  • The main role of an ethical hacker is to prevent unusual activity done and illegal acts done from the outside of the organization or a company. They also increase the security of the company.

What are Ethical Hacking Certifications?

The qualification and the qualities obtained by evaluating the security level of any systems using deep-dive testing methods. To be called a certified ethical hacker an individual has to get a certification. There are various benefits of sustaining an ethical hacking certification.

  • It helps to understand the risk and Eric irregularities affecting the organizations regularly.
  • After this certification, the misconceptions about hacking will be solved. It makes clear how old white hat hackers perform their duty. 
  • Through this certification, you will be able to learn various types of countermeasures and footprinting tools also you may discover how packet sniffing methods are in action and how to shield against them.

List of the Top 5 Ethical Hacking Certifications

1. Certified Ethical Hacking Certification

One of the oldest certification programs is CEH. A skilled professional individual can acquire this certificate who understands how to look at the irregularities and weaknesses in a particular system uses their identical knowledge as a malicious hacker but more legitimately and lawfully.

It helps to strengthen ethical hacking as an exclusive and self-regulating profession and enables you to defend against future attacks. Training to this program is different for attaining optimum security posture in an organization.

The major objective of this course is to resist your system and graphs the ethical hacking methods that can be used in deep-dive testing or the situation of hacking.

2. Offensive security certification

OSPC has been in the role for a decade, it has gained a good reputation in ethical hacking certification for durability and toughness.

The offensive security certified professional teaches how to perform a public exploit code. A 24-hour strenuous certification exam is conducted to check the student’s practical accurate and precise understanding of the penetration testing process.

So to conclude this certification proves that its holder can generate and alter exploit code, exploit hosts and successfully achieve the target to accomplish tasks over several OS.

3. Crest 

The most popular certification exam widely accepted in many countries. It includes the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This program helps to certify as well as educate and provide a proper well-equipped knowledge for quality pen testers.

In the technical cyber security segment, this is the most effective and consistent certification program that helps to build high-quality capability to their learners, and reduces the risk factor of cyber attack collectively, and shares top practice and knowledge.

It mainly focuses on professional progressive activities and maintains the concepts that need to work in this rapidly shifting environment.

4. Foundstone Ultimate hacking course

The next level hacking certification is Foundstone hacking Course. It proposes various training programs and provides learning on how to hack IoT, firmware, RFID, and Bluetooth.

In this course, you will discover how malicious hackers and evil-minded individuals destroy your critical assets, which helps to recognize how these hackers actually can make risks to the organization.

This course offers a controlled and secure environment as well as promoting its security through previously tested tools. 

5. GIAC – Penetration Testing

SANS GPEN is another type of certification program provided under ethical hacking.

A most popular institute that provides multiple courses and certifications with GISE penetration tester is SysAdminnetworking, and security(SANS). It mainly covers the depth technique used for approaching and verifying the entire way through reporting and scoping.

The main objectives under the GPEN course are attacking password hashes, advanced password attacks, target scanning, exploiting fundamentals, deep-dive testing foundations, irregularity in scanning and web application attacks, etc.


In an era of attacks on digital platforms, we can’t take risks to one’s data and organization Information.

These courses offer you a deep mindset of black hat hackers, how they perform their illegal acts. I hope this content had a positive impact on your knowledge of cyber securities.

Now you will be able to stand in a position to determine and examine the hacking situation more clearly. If any of the doubts are left regarding any of the points please comment below, don’t hesitate. 

The team is here to clear all your doubts and queries. Please stay connected for further updates.

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