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Best 7 Online Certification Course in 2021

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Best Online Certification Course in 2021

As we know the whole world is going through the worst pandemic COVID-19, the level of conventional education has also changed from face-to-face learning to online learning courses.

Even a large chunk of the young population is a tech lover and ready to deal on board with the concept of online education.

If someone asks you why you are learning online courses with well-reputed colleges, universities and learning these institutes you must have a proper answer to this without mobility.

These colleges and universities offer cut-to-edge online programs for the best learning experience. Also, online courses are much cheaper than practical classroom programs and can be easily fitted well within your budget.

Online certification course is very important to validate your expertise in a subject. So lets begin our article on Online certification course in 2021

Top 7 online certification course

1. Master of Science in machine learning and AI: 

This course Comes with an 18 months Learning program, it is in only online mode M.Sc in ML and AI for professionals. This program includes over 30 K studies and eight capstone projects. The students are guided by will it rain and experienced mentors from Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

This is the best online certification course offered by professionals and renowned university.

The most important topics to be covered in this course include statistics and exploratory data analytics, ML, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. Various research methods are also there for the students who are willing to enhance their practical knowledge.

2. PG diploma in machine learning and AI: 

This course offers the learners a 12-month learning program as a diploma degree which covers fundamental data science and ML topics with eight modules, including a toolkit for data science, data analytics, machine learning one, machine learning to, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and a capstone project.

Learners are allowed to complete case studies, live projects, and various assignments in data science using tools like Python, Tensor Flow, my SQL, NLTK, and AWS. This program promises to give full carrier support by offering dedicated industrial training and mentorship by the experts.

3. Execute the program in Blockchain technology management:

This program focuses on one of the most trending topics in today’s industry – Blockchain technology and comes with a 5 monthly learning program. it includes relevant matters like Blockchain technology, Blockchain network, and architecture, Blockchain delivery, testing.

Learners are given proper case studies, assignments, and offline workshops to build their real skills on Blockchain. Getting the certification of this course will surely make you eligible and build your profile like Blockchain consultant, business and integration architect, Blockchain program manager.

4. PG program in management: 

This program comes with an 11-month learning schedule ideal for sales and marketing professionals, managers, IT experts and provides a depth understanding of management and leadership.

Fundamentals of management such as business growth strategies, marketing strategies, interpersonal and communication skills, planning, leadership, time management, and project management all these skills are all provided in this course.

Students are encouraged to gain practical experience by working life projects, peer to peer networking events. The best part of this course is receiving a PGPM certification from a reputed institute IMT Ghaziabad.

5. Global professional certificate ineffective leadership and management:

It is a very short program that offers a 3-month learning schedule that includes the application-based learning approach and helps the candidates to become competent leaders/managers.

It also covers some common fundamentals as mentioned above like leadership management, analytical problem-solving skills, and teaches the students how to apply leadership theories for specific business challenges.

This program promises the students to get plenty of opportunities in life discussion boards, quizzes, and interactive sessions with the faculty, and this course is guided and mentored by top-ranking instructors of Michigan State University.

6. PG diploma in full-stack development:

A very important learning program for students who want to pursue their career in web development.

This course comes with a 12-month learning program and it includes how to build scalable websites, backend APIs, and interactive web devices through interactive online learning sessions with faculty members and industry leaders.

It comprises several case studies and assignments, a complete suite of tools required to work on full-stack projects. A diploma certification will also be provided which promises to build the profile as a Full-stack developer (front-end and back-end).

7. PG diploma in cloud computing:

This is a 12-month diploma program that promises to teach the student how to excel in cloud computing and infrastructure.

Developing cloud infrastructure, data structures, and algorithms, building native cloud applications using virtual machines are the fundamentals of this course.

Cloud computing is in demand in the present job market and the certification provided by this learning program helps the candidates to explore their careers as cloud architects, cloud engineers, and cloud administrators

Not just these programs but there are lots of Best programs that are available online, stay connected with our website for the latest updates.


That brings us to end our discussion – the best top online courses you should consider perceiving. If you plan to learn online courses there are many factors to consider, we hope our post helps you to find the most suitable courses as per your choice.

If any doubt and queries are there in your mind please feel free to ask in the comment section mentioned below. Moreover, share your feedback about our research and analytics.

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