Top 10 Best Java Books

Top 10 Best Java Books for Beginners and Advanced Level Programmers in 2021

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Best Java Books 

Java is a general purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language.  

Java is a powerful programming language and due to its features like robustness, reliability, and security, it has gained a lot of attention from programmers in the last decades.

So many programmers are trying to increase their skills in java. 

Beginners are trying to learn java and others are trying to master java.

So in this article we are going to take a glance at the most popular and best java books recommended for programmers in 2021


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Best Java Books for Beginners


1. Head First Java (2nd Edition).



This is really great book for beginners who are starting their programming journey. This book is also considered as Bible for Java programming.

This is a bit dated book but still holds the number 1 ranking in java books.


Author – Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates

Latest Edition – 2nd Edition

Publisher – Shroff/O’Reilly


This book covers all the important java topics from fundamentals of java like syntax and looping in java to advanced topics like network sockets, distributed programming, and threads.


Features :

  • Easy to understand and implement.
  • Includes fun and interesting projects.
  • Best book for beginners to start with.
  •  Consists of puzzles, strong visuals, and mysteries.
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2. Effective Java (3rd Edition) :



Effective Java is the book that can really help programmers increase their logical problem-solving skills.

This is the book to refer to when the fundamentals and basics of Java are done and time for solving real-world problems.


Author – Joshua Bloch

Latest Edition – 3rd Edition

Publisher – Addison Wesley

Contents included in the book are :
  1. Creating and destroying objects
  2. Methods common to all objects
  3. Classes and interfaces
  4. Generics
  5. Enums and annotations
  6. Lambdas and Streams (Items 42–48)
  7. Methods
  8. General programming
  9. Exceptions
  10. Concurrency
  11. Serialization
Features :
  • Simple and easy language.
  • Here helpful easy code snippets in between for better understanding.
  • Covers basic and advanced level topics.
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3. Core Java Volume-1 Fundamentals.



This is a book that helps programmers understand programming concepts from the very bottom.

It gives a deep explanation on almost every topic. And has coding examples that really challenge programmers to think in a creative and unique ways.

This book makes sure that the programmers written by the programmers are highly maintainable and robust.


Author – Cay S. Horstmann

Latest Edition – 11th Edition

Publisher – Prentice Hall


Concepts included in the book are :
  • Fundamental Java.
  • UI programming.
  • Objects.
  • Generics
  • Collections.
  •  Lambda expressions.
  • Swing design.
  • Concurrency.
  • Functional programming
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4. Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies.



This is a book that will definitely help beginners to start their programming journey.

It tries to explain the technical concepts in the non-technical way and that’s the reason it is more liked by beginners. 

The book has many questions and quizzes that help in getting the practical knowledge and logical approach to the problems.


Author: Dr. Barry Burd

Latest Edition:  5th Edition.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Concepts included in the book are :
  • Basics of Java.
  • Building Blocks.
  • Decision-Making Statements.
  • Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Objects, Methods.
  • Java Applets.
  • Java Database Connectivity.
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5. Java: The Complete Reference :



This is a great and extensive book for Java. This is a book that is recommended for beginner as well as advanced Java programmers. 

This a book that covers all the Java topics in detail and has a great language for an explanation. The book has a practice quiz at the end of the chapters for a better understanding of the concepts.


Author – Herbert Schildt

Latest Edition – 11th Edition

Publisher – McGraw Hill Education.

Concepts covered in the book :
  • Java Fundamentals.
  • Data Types and Operators.
  • Program control statements.
  • Classes, Objects, and Methods.
  • Inheritance.
  • Packages and Interfaces.
  • Exception Handling.
  • Multithreaded Programming.
  • Enumerations, Autoboxing, Static Import, and Annotations.
  • Generics.
  • t Lambda Expressions and Method References.
  • Modules.
  • Swing.


Features :

  • Great for Beginners and Advanced Programmers.
  • Has detailed explanation about the topics.
  • Quizzes at the end of the chapter for more information.
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6. Learn Java in 1 Day: Complete Beginners Guide.



The book is written by keeping into consideration of the beginner’s mindset. So this book is written absolutely for beginners. 

This is a book has been updated to align with Java 8 and includes new options for the latest tools and techniques.


Author: Krishan Rungta

Latest Edition: Independently published

Concepts covered in the Book are :
  • Java Basics.
  • OOP concepts.
  • Conditional Loops.
  • Java Math.
  • Multithreading in Java.


Features :

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Available at low cost.
  • Digital and Paper versions are available.
  •  Basic and advanced concepts are covered.
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7. Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Java) (Volume 1) 2nd Edition :



If programming seems like an impossible task to you then this is the only book you should consider for getting the Java concepts.

This book is considered the starter for the programming world.

This book tries to solve your problems as a friend of yours.

This book has a wide variety of questions that a beginner programmer has in his mind.


Author: Nathan Clark

Latest Edition: 2nd Edition

Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Concepts covered in this book are :
  • History of Java.
  • What is Java?
  • Features of Java.
  • Java Compiler.
  • DataTypes.
  • Variables.
  • Constants,
  • Operators.
  • Type Conversion.
  • Loops.
  • Decision Making.
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8. Java: A beginners Guide 



This is Complete different book from the books on this list.

The books a complete edge over others as it complies with all the great java features in one.

This is a book for all the beginners, intermediate and professional level programmers as the basics are shortly explained and more focus is given on the implementation of the programmers rather than understanding them to step by step.


Author : Herbert Schildt

Latest Edition: 7th Edition

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education.

Concepts covered in the book are :
  • Generics.
  • Autoboxing/Unboxing,
  • Enumerations.
  • Binary integer literals.
  • OOP and many more.
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Best Java Books for Intermediate and Advanced level programmers.

9. Java in a nutshell



10. The elements of java style


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