Best Coding Bootcamps in 2022

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Best Coding Bootcamps in 2022

If you are in search of a developer team, Coding bootcamps first program launched in 2011 provides a quick and intensive education in programming. It also provides a team that offers multiple programs and makes skillful developers.

Many boot camp graduates are there to implement changes in their coding skills or simply add extra features to their coding skills. Through these bootcamps students can graduate themselves.

Across the internet, many websites have reviewed and a proper guide to provide information about bootcamps, and have examined thousands of alumni reviews for job support, price determination, and instructor quality at a wide range of coding boot camps.

Here is our list along with the location and the courses offered by these bootcamps.

Top 10 best coding bootcamps

1. Iron hack

It is a global Tech educational institution situated in Europe and South America as well as in the US location in Miami, Florida. The courses are taught in this boot camp or on full-time and part-time programs.

It mainly focuses on web designing and UI/UX design. It has an extensive global network with corporate partners and carrier services that ensures the graduates land well-settled jobs after completion of the program. 

Cost – $11000.

2. App Academy

It offers a full-time, full-stack development training program of 12 weeks. Doesn’t require any previous coding experience. It helps the students to build Ruby on Rails and JavaScript applications for hands-on projects.

App Academy offers a completely immersive environment with a tuition deferment program in which students have to pay only if they land a job within 12 months of completion of the program. Courses offered for Ruby, race, JavaScript,” rhythms, CSS, UX, design principles, Jquery, etc.

Cost – $17000

3. General Assembly

It comes with several immersive programs including coding, web design, UI design, digital marketing, full-stack development. Students have to access their career coach by networking services and resume writing services.

The location is online as well as San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, California.

Cost – $15000

4. Bloc

It extends immersive programs in full-stack development, front-end and back-end web development, iOS and android development, and UX design in a span of 12, 18, and 36 weeks.

Students will get one-to-one mentoring and proper training to build their applications and work on them. It is based on an online training platform.

Cost – $8500

5. Thinkful

Ajmal-ready model that offers a program in web development, designing, and data science. One to one interaction with a mentor and guaranteed Job placements after completing graduate degrees.

If you are not hired within the specified duration, think full boot camp will refund your tuition fee. It comes with dual learning platforms online as well as in Washington, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, etc.

Cost – $9500

6. Flatiron School

The flatiron school offers part-time and full-time courses in web development, mobile development including algorithms to provide technical education and proper industrial training under experienced groups of personnel without a college degree.

It offers a 12-week immersive course that comes with full-stack web development, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS, HTML/CSS, Swift, react, and introductory Boot Camp precourse. It is an online learning platform and is also available in New York City.

Cost – $15000

7. The Tech Academy

The tech Academy is a self-paced boot camp with campuses in Pacific Northwest and Denver. Online learning programs are also available in this academy.

Students can participate in live projects and receive pre-placement training. Courses offered in this boot camp are python, full-stack development, HTMLCSS, SQL, JavaScript,.net framework, Jquery, visual studio, scrum, project management.

Cost – $11700

8. Hack Reactor

It is a 12-week immersive coding learning program that offers a web development Boot Camp in various geographical locations as well as online platforms. Applicants graduate as full-stack web developers and software engineers.

Alimony got their placements in tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and salesforce to earn an average salary of $1,05,000. The courses Offered our full-stack web development, advanced algorithms, coffee-script, CSS, data structure, HTML, jQuery, Mongo DB, my SQL, Blockchain, etc.

Cost – $18000

9. The talent south

It offers regional part-time and full-time exclusive programs across the southern and west southern US. Apart from course work, this platform offers company tours, networking events, and guest speakers for the students.

TTS offers flexible payment options, including a 10% discount for full payment and installment plans. Courses offered here are web design, coding immersion, JavaScript, reels, Dev ops, etc.

Cost – $4750

10. Epicodus

It not only offers BootCamps but also helps graduates to put together a portfolio, practice interviewing strategies, and internships for selected students with partner companies like living social and cloud ability.

It comes with a 27 week immersive course time duration that offers Ruby, rails, CSS and design, C and C++,.net, etc. It is offered in Portland and Seattle locations. 

Cost – $6900


These were some of the best coding BootCamps programs.
Now, you will be able to get your required online boot camps through which you can learn as well as earn.

If you still have doubts and queries please let me know in the comment section. Moreover don’t forget to share your feedback.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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