Top 9 Best books for C programming in 2021

Top 9 Best books for C programming in 2021

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Top 9 Best books for C programming in 2021

C is a very popular programming language used in variety of computer science fields. Many programmers find C as a difficult language due to its complex syntax compared to other programming languages.

Therefore, to provide proper guidance in C programming we have compiled some of the most effective and popular books for C programming.

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If you are searching for the best books for C programming language then make sure you read this complete article.

What is C?

What is C

C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA between 1972 and 1973. It was created to construct utilities running on UNIX operating system.

C is one of the oldest programming languages and is the root for many programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and C #. C forms a good foundation for a beginner. It is an easy language to debug, test, and maintain.

Why start learning with C?

You might have come across an opinion on why bother learning C when we have so many advanced programming language’. But you are wrong; here are some of the reasons that contradict this statement.

  • Advance programming languages like C++ and Java use the concept of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to organize the program. But while using this concept, you will need a strong grip over C programming elements.
  • Major parts of popular operating systems like Windows Unix and Android are written in the C programming language.
  • Various daily use appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens are getting smarter every day. This smartness is brought by adding microprocessors and other digital devices. These digital devices are programmed such that it runs fast and work in a limited amount of memory thus, they are programmed in C.

Top 9 Best books for C programming in 2021

books for C

1. The C Programming Language (2nd edition)

‘The C Programming Language (2nd edition)’ is the book written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie in the year 1978.

This book covers most of the vital concepts in C in great depth as it was written by creators of C.

This book influenced the development and popularity of the C programming language.

This book introduced the ‘Hello World!’ program, referred to as the minimal level of a program in every programming language.

2. Let us C

‘Let us C’ is an amazing C programming language book for beginners by Yashavant Kanetkar. It is a very popular book for C in India.

This book is best for C language beginners as it covers all the core concepts in C and other programming languages. The readers highly recommend this book to beginners.

This book not only helpful for beginners but also helps intermediate-level programmers to refer and revise the concepts of C.

3. C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide

‘C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide’ is the book written by Dean Miller and Greg Perry in the year 2013.

This book covers all the basic concepts of C programming language with clear instructions and easy concepts.

If you are a C programming beginner you must try reading and refers to this book as it explains various difficult concepts of C very clearly.

4. Learn C the hard way

‘Learn C the Hard Way’ is the book written by Zed Shaw in 2015.

This book is the perfect course for C programming beginners, eager to learn and advance their C programming skills.

This book allows you to learn many new skills that are required in a programming career.

5. Head First C

‘Head First C’ is the book written by David Griffiths and Dawn Griffiths in 2012.

This book provides an absolute learning experience in C programming for beginners and intermediate learners.

This book contains all the vital basic and advanced concepts in C.

6. Expert C Programming: Deep Secrets

‘Expert C Programming’ is the book written by Peter Van Der Linden.

This book provides various advanced tips and tricks for C programming, also explains various coding techniques that are very useful for programmers.

7. C Programming a Modern approach

‘C Programming a Modern approach’ is the book written by K. N. King in 1996.

This book is a comprehensive book for computer science students and programming beginners. This book provides beginners about the C programming language and its syntax.

This book is adapted by many educational institutes all over the world. This book provides basic and advanced concepts of the C language.

8. C: the complete reference

‘C: the complete reference’ is the book written by Herbert Schildt in 1987.

This book is written by a best-selling programming author with more than 2.5 million copies sold.

This book covers all the important concepts of C in depth. It also covers some of the libraries in C as well as the latest features in C.

9. Computer fundamentals and programming in C

‘Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C’ is the book written by Reema Thareja in 2012.

This is an amazing book that covers important concepts of computer fundamentals and C programming.

This book is adapted by various universities in India for C programming.  

How to effectively learn C language

learn C language

You might have experienced difficulties while learning to program like falling in applying the learned concepts, forgetting recently learned concepts, and cannot apply or use C programming.

Don’t worry, I will help you with such problems, you must read the instructions given below to effectively learn not only the C language but every programming language.

If you are serious about learning a programming language, you must follow a simple rule,

When you learn a particular concept first try to implementing that concept on your system without referring to your resources, you might face problems in remembering but try thinking harder.

When you reach your limit in applying the concept try reading the concepts again and repeat this process till you don’t face any trouble in applying the concept.

This will surely help you in learning programming in a better way.

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