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The Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 !!

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The Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 !!

If you are doing blogging as a hobby or thinking of it for your business, the advantages of blogging are endless. To get proper attention and clients to your website, build authority and express yourself blogging is the best way.

If your interest lies somewhere in blogging then we are here to discuss some of the best blogging platforms and it’s incredibly easy usage, professionally designed templates for the bloggers. Without any further ado let’s have a look at the best blogging platforms.

The Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 !!

1. Wix

For ones who are starting to blog for the first time and anyone who’s never built a website before Wix comes up with a drag-and-drop blogging platform to get started and use daily.

It’s the process that can be from setting up your first homepage, optimizing images, creating attractive logos to publishing your first content. There are lots of things to learn and weeks take care of all of it.

The simple drag-and-drop editor simply turns you into an experienced in designing to bring more creative design ideas to your life of blogging, this editor plays a major role.

It comes up with a feature for creating a professional website within 10 minutes with the use of an artificial design intelligence tool that allows heavy lifting like adding pages, menus, and adjusting to pre-built layouts in just a few clicks.

With Wix returns of creative options and templates, you can go through to get started. It comes with an offer of a free forever plan which is perfect if You have a blog as a passion.

Per plans start at $14 per month that includes everything for your new blog app so you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of separate tools and services connecting them all.

2. WordPress

The most widely used content management system across the internet. Most of the large companies across the globe manage their site with WordPress.

What process is considered to be a blogging tool with extra features, benefits, and flexibility in usage? It’s not a very easy platform to learn but if you stick around it and want to build a business it will affect the work.

After our first recommendation, WordPress head over to blue host because it’s affordable, beginner-friendly, and recommended by the creators of WordPress. thousands of free and premium themes available that make it easy for the user to customize your website to match the look and feel you are going for.

3. Strikingly

A platform for building a great ironclad or just having fun in your spare time in the field of blogging. Most artists and designers just love the simplicity of creating blogs and other web pages with this platform.

This is the template Best editor that creates a soothing and stunning website in under an hour without the usage of coding. Styling templates and easy control over inserting the images, adding text boxes and buttons, and layout everything on the page is provided by this platform.

Getting hosting and a platform for blogging under one ecosystem doesn’t require you to spend more time separately. It also provides the tools that handle the bank and servers and all other details about Techy stuff you don’t want to bother with.

Like other most free website builders, you are free in the striking platform for the subdomain but if you want to get rid of that you will need to upgrade the paid plan.

These paid include:

  • Limited – 600/month
  • Pro – 1100/month
  • VIP – 3600/month

Strikingly will keep all your creativity in the form of data you stored through your entire brand-building journey.

4. Square Space

Square space started the blogging services in 2004 and has a good reputation as one of the best all-purpose website builders. through this platform, products can be Sale and services are simply provided to the readers.

Drag and drop editor mixed is the platform easy to build beautiful, vibrant Pages and set up to the content in an appealing online store.

It offers various customization options. Like many other platforms, it’s a free plan with square space, and capable of setting up a blog and online store you will be easily accessing the elements of the service.

It also comes with a business plan with charges 3300 per month that offers a full area of features without any frustration to selling products and services. If you are serious about the business plan by using Blog you may go with the premium plan.

In the blog itself there are as many options to choose like:

  • Product images
  • Name of product
  • Price of product
  • Description
  • Add to cart

5. Blogger

A pioneer in the blogging space that began 20 years ago when it was launched in 1999. If you’re seeking anyone looking to start a blog it’s a relevant platform that provides a blogger to create the content in the right way.

The usual features of a blogging platform are to add images, links, and more in the posts. One of the advantages of using this platform is it can make money with your content by using Google AdSense and drive the traffic that visits your post.

To access custom website templates you can customize your blog with no coding involved. You can simply start a blog for investments and grow on some extra cash, blogging is a great choice to consider.


So lets conclude our article on best blogging platforms in 2021,  

These were some of the best blogging platforms that you can go through for creating the most enhanced content for your business as per the use. Free learning and more earnings you can get by using these platforms, I hope these suggestions will surely work for you.

If any doubts or queries are left please let me know in the comment section. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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