Interview Questions on Python

Best 14 Interview Questions on Python with solution

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Best 14 Interview Questions on Python with solution

Questioning patterns can be quite challenging. If you want to challenge for a technical round interview for Python, as a list of some python interview questions with answers that help you to prepare.

These questions will cover all the basic applications of python as some of them are of intermediate and advanced level. To take deep dive in python learning and get more understandings about Python refer to our article

Without any further ado let’s get straight to it: 

1. Let us know what are the key features of python? 

One of the most popular programming languages used by data scientists is five-ton. The popularity of this language is due to the following key features of Python :

  • It is easy to learn due to its clear syntax and readability.
  • It can be easily interpreted, which makes debugging easy.
  • It is free and open-source which can be used across different languages.
  • It is an object-oriented language that supports concepts of classes and objects.
  • It can be easily integrated with other languages.

2. How can you concatenate two tuples?

Concatenation of tuples means adding the elements of one tuple at the end of another Tuple.
Consider we have two tuples like this ->

tuple1 = (1,”a”. True)
tuple2 = (4,5,6)

tuple1 = (1,"a". True)
tuple2 = (4,5,6)
tuple3 = tuple1+tuple2

(1, ‘a ‘a’, True, 4, 5, 6)

3. What do you mean by functions in python?

Functions refer to blocks that have organized, reusable codes to perform single and related events.

Functions are in the role of Everett the rewriting of court and are used to create a better module Arity for application which needs a high degree of coding.

Pattern has a number of built-in functions, for example print(), upper(), etc .

4. What is Pandas library?

An open-source python library that contains a very large set of data structures for data-based operations.

It comes along with cool features that fit in a Data operation program, whether it be academics or solving complex business problems.

Pandas can deal with huge amounts of files which are the most important task of a company.

5. What are Data Frames?

Data frame is this data structure in Windows that is mutable. It supports heterogeneous data which is arranged across two axes.
Reading files into panda:

import pandas as pd
df ="mydata.csv"')

Here, “df” is a pandas data frame. read_sv0 is
as a data frame in pandas.

6. How to create a data frame from lists?

Create an empty data frame.
Add to list as an individual column to the list.

import pandas as pd

cars = ['lamborghini', 'maserati', 'ferrari', 'Ford']

df = pd.DataFrame(cars)
0 lamborghini
1 maserati
2 ferrari
3 Ford

7. Define comments in python and types of comments.

Comments is piece of text apart from the code. It is especially a task when a person works more than the set of codes. It can be used to analyse, Leave feedback and debug the code. It is of two types:

  • Single line comment
#this is single line comment 
  • multiple line comment
'''This is 
         multiple line comments
        Got it '''

8 ) What is a dictionary in python?


Dictionary is a collection of items without particular order. I think dictionaries are written in curly braces with keys and values, and dictionaries are optimized to retrieve values for known keys.

Examples: D= { d=”a”:1,”b”:2}

9) What is meant by recursion?


The recursion function allows the user to call itself one or more times in the body of the code.

A very important condition of the recursive function is that The court must be terminated if it would be an infinite loop.

10) What is a map function in python?


map function in python is for applying a function on all elements of a particular Iterable. It consists of two parameters, function and iterable.

The function receives an argument and then applies it to all the elements of an iterable.

def addition (n):
return n+ n number= (15, 25, 35, 45)
res=map(addition , num)


11)  What are the difference between Tuple and dictionary?


The major difference between tuple and dictionary is mutability, dictionary is mutable while Tuple is not.

The content of a dictionary can be changed without changing its identity but it is not possible in the tuple.

Dictionary contains the element in keys and value phones while double contains the data in normal form.

12) What is pass in Python?


Pass is a null statement that does nothing when executed. It is not ignored by the entry traitor, but the statement results in no operation.

It is used when you do not want any command to execute but a statement is required.

13) What is docstring in Python?


Python docstring is the string Literals enclosed in triple coats that appear right after the definition of function, method, class, or module.

It is generally used to describe the functionality of a particular function, method, class, or module.

def sqr(n):
return n**2

Receive a number n, returns the square of n.

14) How to check the version of python in CMD?


Press CMD + space as the first step to check the python version. This open spotlight. Here, type “terminal” and press enter.

To execute the command type python-version or python-V and press enter.

This will return the version of python in the line Below the command.



From all sides, these were some of the important interview questions for python.

The Studyber team hoped that all the readers would now be able to answer some of the basics level questions for python.

Any doubt or queries regarding this post please mention below in the comment section and provide the feedback, so we can get to you ASAP.

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