best blog theme for WordPress

Best 12 blog theme for WordPress

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Best 12 blog theme for WordPress

As we have discussed the best blogging platform in our previous article. If you have gone through it it’s well enough if not then please have a look at that.

WordPress is an open-source that supports thousands of free templates which helps a blogger to grow more or faster. Once you will start running the web hosting, it’s time to pick a theme for your website.

Excellent premium themes are available out in the market as well as free themes that will help us to create a WordPress website at a minimal cost. So without having further ado let’s deep dive into it.

So let’s begin with our article on the best blog theme for WordPress.

Best 12 Blog theme for WordPress

Blogging is an famous career choice and many people try to start a blog but, they face many technical issues like customization issues, Ranking errors and many more, so here are the best blog theme for WordPress.

1. Astra

Astra is one of the best blog theme for WordPress and maximum blogging sites are formed using Astra. It is a block team that is fully customizable and includes the sites which are suitable for personal blogs, business education blogs and even e-commerce websites.

Astra’s response and work profession is best in the category. It supports Woo commerce to easily access the online store to your blog. Users can use the suitable language for the blog easily.

2. OceanWP

Ocean WP has a different name in the WordPress theme category. Due to its several features that you normally see in premium themes makes it is most popular.

It can be used for building a website of any type including blogs, magazines, business websites, and e-commerce stores. It comes with the option of multiple layouts, full-width Pages, custom logo support, various sidebar areas, image calories, and more.

3. Hestia

I have a highly flexible and effective team for all types of websites. That comes with a simple setup and up plug-in which extends to testimonials and services sections of your website.

The homepage of this team is very easy to set up using the live theme customizer you just have to add sections and arrange them with the drag-and-drop feature.

4. Go

It is the plot theme that comes with a simple approach to design. One of the most simple WordPress is a blog theme that comes with support like a message and call to action buttons in the header.

This team is designed to improve and enhance readability that offers the user a great experience. It takes the uses clean typography and handles the detailed images very well.

5. Blocksy

A fast, lightweight, and enriched featured free WordPress theme that is fully compatible with the Block editor. It has multiple pages that can be used to create various types of websites including restaurant sites, portfolios, business executing sites, and many more.

The perfection of this popular page is also full of Woo commerce integration. The built-in loading system is as fast as compared to other teams.

6. Site Origin Unwind

A multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with Woocommerce support. it is designed with a simple and minimal styling that is highly customizable if the user wants by using the site origin page builder plug-in. It comes with the features of multiple page layouts, custom header, background.

7. Neve

A free blog thing especially for business sites and e-commerce. also, it has features for personal blog content. It has a minimal layout with beautiful Depot Graffi and colors. Easily customizable and compatible with most popular page builder plug-ins like DV page, beaver builder.

8. iFeature

One of the popular word press lock themes that come with modern styling suitable for magazines, business, personal, and portfolio websites.

It provides some of the basic features like Sticky headers, multiple widgets area, page templates, and theme option can be easily set up through the live customizer by using drag-and-drop.

9. Avant

It is a highly customizable free WordPress theme that suits all kinds of websites like e-commerce, village Sohail, online stores, portfolio. It comes with commerce support and can be easily used to create content full websites as well.

It includes six header layouts, four blog layouts, four footer layouts, and lots more customizable settings. It comes with all popular page builders and essential plug-ins.

10. Responsive mobile

This theme is designed with a mobile-first approach and it looks suitable for mobile devices only or computers.

It comes with features of nine-page templates that can easily create a great responsive layout, also it comes with 11 widget areas, six template layouts, three menu positions additionally a call-out segment with a call to activity button. A very quick setup can be enough to access the layouts; it’s a very good choice for business websites.

11. Virtue

The most beautiful and attractive WordPress blog theme that comes with a clean layout including two navigation menus and a full-width header image. Teams in this platform are easy to change using a live theme customizer with multiple post formats, including video and gallery, audio, chat, and quotes.

12. Magbook

It is a team that is beautifully designed for content-rich websites including newspapers, magazines, and many more. It has features with minimal design and multiple layered choices, quick one-click demo installer.

It comes with built-in templates for contact Raj, gallery, and magazine pages. This platform can be used to create an e-commerce store and is a multilingual WordPress site. It is tested with popular WordPress plug-ins.


If you have a deep interest and want to start with WordPress then these teams are the basic elements to build and design websites.

We hope these suggestions will make it easier for selecting from various themes. If you still have doubts and queries left please let me know in the comment section mentioned below.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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