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Top 10 Best Backend Programming Languages

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Top 10 Best Backend Programming Languages

The Backend programming languages control and handle the “behind the scenes” functionality of every web application and website on the internet.

These languages are a vital base for app development, as it allows the users to connect the Web to a database, manage their connection, and power the web application itself.

Therefore, here is an article where we will discuss Best backend programming languages in 2021

What is back-end development?

If you relate it to its name, backend development is the backbone of web applications or websites that primarily focus on how a website works. It is the technology that is never seen directly by the users.

So, selecting the right bank and technology allows the developer to enhance their work faster, app scalability, and create quality applications. Getting a suitable backend will be a challenging task because of competition in the market. This post will help you to find suitable back-end options, Without any further ado let’s get straight to these various technologies.

Backend programming languages like Python, JavaScript and many more help us to program the website functionalities that works behind the scene.

Top 7 Backend Programming Languages

1. JavaScript

For the last 10 years, JavaScript Has a consistent weightage to maintain the first position as the most adopted programming language. As per the stack overflow annual survey, it has been found that about 70% of developers worldwide use JavaScript.

Platforms like note.JS and express. CS allows the developers to write the codes in both the back-end and front-end of an app.

Features of JavaScript:

  • JavaScript can accelerate the power of development projects because the same language can be used to create back-end and front-end codes of the app.
  • The functionality of express.GS provides a middleware service that enhances JavaScript back-end development. Using fewer coding rules and top features like POST data, headers, HTTP requests can create high-level programs with minimalist technology.
  • Using Javascript for app development reduces the cost significantly because of the access to use and handle the front-end and back-end development assignments.

2. Python

After the invention of the python programming language in 1991 it has grown and evolved to become one of the leading call purpose programming languages globally. 

Features of Python:

  • A better readable coding style of python allows easy learning to use, experienced and new developers can learn python quickly.
  • The access to a massive library reduces the developers’ ability to write manual codes for python development.
  • Learning python is free, and provides many free tools and resources for app development.
  • Python has modern features like IOT support to handle the development of Raspberry Pi objects.

3. Ruby

This programming language is one of the leading back-end technologies commonly used for prototyping and building web apps. it has been used to build some of the successful apps such as Shoppey5, Air BNB, and Itsy, etc. 

Features of Ruby:

  • The third-party libraries make it a highly productive language. It provides the developer almost all tools required to perform development projects.
  • Metaprogramming support features allow an app to request data from another source and can modify the code while running.
  • This language allows the developer to test and help them to develop high-quality apps.
  • Back-end scripts can be written faster with Ruby as compared to other programming languages.

4. PHP

Over the last four decades this technology has evolved into one of the most leading programming languages for the web. PHP is used for multifunctional development technology that supports a wide variety of databases. 

Features of PHP :

  • PHP language used by developers is considered to be cost-efficient and available for free download and enjoys the support of an active open source community. 
  • It is easily accessible by the developers and enhances the development of server-side functions.
  • With a low learning curve, PHP is simple to learn and recommended for new developers.

5. C#. NET

C# is the most widely used technology for backend developers as it has excellent automation features on windows servers and other web platforms. This language has a reputation for fast executing codes as compared to other backend programming languages.

Features of C# :

  • The faster compilation, interoperability, scalable and updatable, component-oriented these various enriching features are provided by C#.
  • C# runs the program faster because it has a feature inability that removes all the system garbage and that process is known as garbage collection.

6. Perl

This Pearl language was developed by Larry wall in the 1990s. This programming language is one of the highest-paying technologies in the world today. 

It has been ranked one of the top three most efficient programming languages in the same vein.

Feature of Perl: 

  • Compatible in many operating systems, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac, etc.
  • As an open-source programming language, several libraries for controlling and handling development projects are offered by Perl.
  • It gives access to C++ and C apps as it uses TWIG and XS to offer support for C++ and C external libraries.

7. Kotlin

Kotlin got massive publicity when JetBrains and android adopted Kotlin for creating apps in 2011. A recent study shows that most of the android apps existing are you met with Kotlin.

Features of Kotlin: 

  • Less code high task – “Lean uses less good to perform tasks as compared to other development languages.
  • These languages as highly readable and easily accessible by the developers to enhance and maintain the projects.
  • Kotlin can be easily operable with Java I.e. you can execute Java code from KOTLIN or KOTLIN from Java to carry out more functions.


In this overview I hope you will get a more clear picture or view of backend development in the power of each language also. If you are interested in learning more, stay connected with, we will try to update as per the latest development programmers.

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