Android App development

Android App development | Best career in 2022 !!

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Android App Development | Best career in 2022 !!

If we talk about the mobile sector, it has been drastically surprising over a decade. The extensive use of mobile apps is increasing and it is estimated that the app downloads will increase up to 3.52 billion by 2021.

Studyber provides a service of android app design that gets the same amount of success that it desired.

To get users’ attention and make user-friendly apps, our company came up with this trend which has a user-friendly interface, matches the current bar of digitization.

So this post will cover technologies that we use in android app development that can come up with some unique apps which extend our great business.


 Table of Content:

  • Top IOS and android app development technologies
    1. Flutter
    2. Java
    3. Python
    4. Swift
    5. React native
    6. Kotlin
    7. R programming
  • Conclusion

Top IOS and android app development technologies

1 ) Flutter

An open-source mobile app development SDK, created by Google. It is used for creating high-quality, native interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms. 

Flirter helps the developers to build native interfaces by using dart. Dart is one of the latest programming languages which has flexibility in terms of development and is considered one of the broadly used mobile app development technologies.


2 ) Java

It is an object-oriented programming language official for android development. Java is a technology that offers one of the best documentation and community support. Frameworks like tests in Jee and log 4J are developed using Java. Users can create any mobile application through Java. 

Some of the Applications that are developed using Java Sea weather, VLC media player, telegram, and many more.


3 ) Python- 

It is a widely accepted programming language. This language is quick in response, easy to use, and deploy which helps to develop scalable web apps. 

Apps like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and survey monkey are built in python. It has outstanding libraries to support and a large developer community. 

It possesses strong integration and provides advanced control capabilities.


4 ) Swift

It is a new open-source programming language for watchOS, iOS, OSX, and tvOS applications. Swift in the language is the best technology our company uses for android app development. This language has a safe programming pattern with modern features to make the programming more readable by the users.

It comes with the first industrial-quality systems and is expressive, enjoyable as a scripting language.

Apps like lift, Linked In, and Hipmunk are built through this technology.


5 ) React native

React native is the best technology ever used for mobile app development. This technology helps the developers to build cross-platform native mobile apps with the use of react JS and JavaScript. 

Some of the apps developed using react native for Airbnb, Uber eats, Ola, Instagram, and many more.


6 ) Kotlin

Kotlin is a static type programming language used for developing modern android applications. it is said to be an upgraded version of Java, “Clean language has influenced some other programming languages such as Karla, Gosu, groovy, Java, etc.

Pinterest, Evernote, Coursera Are some of the apps written in Kotlin.


7 ) R programming

One of the best languages for data analysis and machine learning, also used for mobile app development. It provides the best built-in libraries and frameworks that help the developers to develop powerful machine learning algorithms. 

Many upcoming enterprises are still adopting R.



The above-listed technologies are some of the most popular for mobile app development on which our company mainly focuses. selecting a pure perfect technology is essential and depends on what type of app the client wants. If you are still left with some doubts man queries please let me know in the comments section.

Spread this useful information with your friends if you liked.

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